Jorge Cabral - Ambassador of Portugal in Brazil

It's never enough to remember about how unique the relations between Portugal and Brazil are, and especially how they going through a particularly promising moment, from a political, economic, social or cultural point of view.

We have a long common History, of which we share - not only with Brazil, but also with the other countries of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) - a language with increasing strength and representation, which is now the third most present in Facebook and the fifth with the largest number of users on the Internet, in addition to the fourth most spoken in the world, which represents a unique and unequaled heritage. In addition, our societies are rooted in the same universal principles and values ​​as respect for human rights, democracy and freedom of expression and opinion.

In economic terms Brazil represents an unquestionably important position in the internationalization strategies of Portuguese Companies, at the same time that the Brazilian direct investment in Portugal is already significant. Although, the trade between the two countries is important, there is still a margin of growth that is below its enormous potential, which justifies the need for an additional investment, a strategy that we continue to dedicate with our great commitment.

The TAP airline continues to fly daily to numerous cities in Brazil, also ensuring the connection between Brazil and the main European capitals (about 82 weekly flights to several Brazilian cities). And it is with great satisfaction that we find that Portugal attracts a growing number of Brazilian citizens, who are interested in Portugal for reasons of study, investment, work, or residence.

Moreover, in the merely tourist area, Brazil is currently the number one tourist destination market for Portugal, and just in 2018, the total number of overnight stays by Brazilian tourists has exceeded one million.

In fact, if you have not yet visited us, here is the invitation to do; and if you have already, I am confident that you will return, very soon!

The main Portuguese universities continue to host thousands of Brazilian students in the most diverse courses, and a very significant number of universities and higher education institutions in Portugal accept the results of the ENEM (National High School Exam), as a basis for the selection of Brazilian candidates.

We are honored by the recognition of the excellence of our teaching and the high quality of our research by thousands of students and researchers who make the most of dozens of agreements and covenants established between Portuguese and Brazilian universities.

At the cultural level, the increasing flow of plastic artists, filmmakers, writers, musicians and actors between the two sides of the Atlantic have contributed to an updating and modernization of the reciprocal image of our cultures and societies.

It is always good to remember that the Brazilian community is the largest foreign community living in Portugal – which is very revealing of the bonds and affinities that bring us closer. In this context, sharing a common language will surely be an added value.

I also take this opportunity to express my special appreciation for the role of the Portuguese diaspora in Brazil, which, through its entrepreneurship, dedication, energy, enthusiasm and commitment, contribute to the dignification of our country and consolidate the image of Portugal, in Brazil, as a modern, dynamic and tolerant country.

We will do everything to continue to support your action and to maintain and strengthen the bonds that unite us and will always continue to unite Portugal.

It is with great honor that I leave here a special greeting to the Portuguese and Portuguese-Descendent Communities, Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Portuguese-Brazilian Associations!

We will continue to count on the effort and commitment of all.

You can believe that I, the team that collaborates with me at this Embassy, ​​as well as the consular network spread throughout the immense Brazilian territory (Consulates-General, Consulates, Vice-Consulates and Honorary Consulates of Portugal throughout Brazil) will remain at your disposal.

'Viva Portugal and 'Viva Brazil.

Long live to the excellence of relations between the both countries.

Jorge Cabral

Ambassador of Portugal in Brazil






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